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Sometimes we find ourselves needing 1-on-1 help. Through our relationship coaching, we are confident that you and your spouse will be equipped to conquer conflict, improve communication, build intimacy and achieve restoration in your marriage.


Chris and Jen, London, England

“I had an affair, confessed it to my husband and we were completely lost and afraid. We didn’t know where to turn. We took the course and then signed up for personal relationship consulting with Bob and Audrey over Skype. We have made it through, and are extremely grateful for how much love and support we have felt through this difficult season.”

Tom and Angela, Kansas City, MO

“Our marriage was basically over. We were ready to sign the divorce papers and be done. Someone told us about Bob and Audrey and their system of helping relationships. Long story short, it’s been two months since we completed the course, and people don’t even recognize us because we are laughing together, and we feel like a team again. Whew! What a relief to be on this road of loving each other again.”

Hans and Theresa, Atlanta, GA

“Bob and Audrey’s relationship strategy helped me break out of places where I was feeling “stuck”. I connected with my wife on new levels that I didn’t think were even possible, and I even encountered God in ways I had never experienced Him before. This was the best way I could have invested my time and money. It’s been several months, and we are on a whole new level of loving life together.”

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we specialize in helping marriages build and maintain phenomenal love. We're known for our transparency and practical principles and our message of hope that is authenticated by our own compelling story of God rescuing our marriage.