Great Marriages Start Here by Bob & Audrey Meisner

Great Marriages Start Here

A Guide to Experience the Love-Life You've Always Dreamed Of


By the time you have completed our “Great Marriage Start Here” eCourse, you can expect to have a plan for life-long love: Weekly habits that nurture each other’s greatest needs and strategy to live in your personal customized fight-free-zone.  (We don’t believe that any couple should be hurting each other).  Not only that, but you will personally re-write the story of your life that is attracting the same mess to you over and over again. This is a brand new beginning for your love life!

Look forward to laughing together, ending painful cycles and gaining the skills to help other couples.

What's included?

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Personal Inventory
1.1 - Phenomenal Love Starts with You
7 mins
1.2 - The Power of a Decision
9 mins
1.3 - Knowing Your Value
21 mins
1.4 - Transformation vs. Behavior Modification
28 mins
1.5 - The Hidden Truth Within Your Story
28 mins
Heart Meditation
16 mins
1.6 - The Equation of a Heart Belief
22 mins
1.7 - The Real You
11 mins
Communication and Conflict
2.1 - Face-to-Face
19 mins
2.2 - Miscommunication and a Fight Free Zone
23 mins
2.3 - Choose to Leave the Fear Dance
19 mins
2.4 - Styles of Communication
18 mins
2.5 - Dealing with Disappointment
25 mins
Forgiveness Made Possible
3.1 - The Layers of an Apology
11 mins
3.2 - Forgiveness Myths
16 mins
3.3 - When it Feels Impossible to Forgive
20 mins
3.4 - When it Feels Impossible to Forgive Yourself
11 mins
3.5 - The Fear Dance
16 mins
3.6 - Your Core Needs
12 mins
3.7 - The Lie: My Wife's Feelings Don't Matter
11 mins
3.8 - The Lie: My Husband is a Disappointment
15 mins
Conflict Resolution Cards
130 KB
The Marriage Dream: Safety, Rest, and Adventure
4.1 - You're Worth Being Loved
15 mins
4.2 - Marriage Myth: My Spouse is Responsible to Make Me Happy
15 mins
4.3 - Marriage Myth: I Married the Wrong One
15 mins
4.4 - Serving in Our Marriage
7 mins
4.5 - How Does God Feel in Your Marriage?
12 mins
4.6 - Praying Together
13 mins
Perspective in Times of Pain .mp3
28 mins
4.7 - Don't Waste Your Pain
16 mins
You Were Made for Great Married Sex
5.1 - The Gift of Sex: Why is it Challenging?
15 mins
5.3 - Creating a Dialogue About Sex
7 mins
5.2 - Myths that Hinder Intimacy
11 mins
5.4 - There's Been an Affair
20 mins
5.5 - How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage
18 mins


Are Bob and Audrey available for relationship consulting if I have a concern while going through the course?

Yes! Go to and fill out the form under Relationship Consulting. After you fill out this request, Bob and Audrey will personally review and contact you within 2-5 business days to go over details and availability before the request is completed.

How long will it take to complete the course?

That’s really up to you! I would allow about one hour to finish each class. That is, watch the video and complete the worksheet. Some classes have more extensive homework, and some classes are lighter, more like thirty minutes in total with the worksheet.

Depending on your time schedule, these are some options:

1. Do at least two classes (hours) each week. You’ll have the class completed in four months.

2. The course is divided into five sections, so do one section each week (5-7 hours of blocked time). This system will have you complete the course in five weeks.

3. Power-through: We recommend this if you are in the middle of a crisis, or you are highly motivated. The entire course could be completed in about 4 days if you make it top priority.

Do I have to take the course with my spouse?

It’s optimal to take the course together, and each class has a “together as a couple” exercise to complete, but this is not mandatory. In fact, there have been individuals that have taken this course who are already separated or divorced, and they have seen a tremendous shift in their relationship (and even reconciliation) after completing the course alone.

What if I change my mind after I buy the “Great Marriages Start Here” course, is there a refund available?

Absolutely. We are so confident that you will get what you need from this course, that we are more than happy to provide a refund if it’s not everything you hoped it would be. Our primary goal is to help people get the help they need for their marriage and family. (Our only policy is that you email with your request and explanation within 30 days of purchase).

We have hope for your marriage.

We want you to love your relationship, help you know that you’re connecting and illuminate any potential blind spots. Now is the perfect time to experience the kind of safety, satisfaction, and joy that every God-centered marriage is designed to express.