Marriage 911

Moving Past the Pain


Bob and Audrey believe your marriage is worth rebuilding - even after a painful crisis.  Each of these eight classes is carefully designed to cover the most important aspects of trust and overcoming the images that trigger rage and anger.  This course answers the questions that every couple asks when they find themselves faced with infidelity and the confusion and chaos that comes with it. You’ll learn principles, apply truth and receive direct instruction.   And it’s personal for Bob and Audrey.  Weaved throughout the course, you’ll hear their story.  Their pain, their greatest fears, and the moments when they were convinced all was lost.  They’ll teach you how to move past the pain and find the marriage you have always craved and longed for.  Don’t miss this opportunity to find the rescue in your story. 

What's included?

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Class One: Consider the Possibility
22 mins
Class Two: Facing your Pain
19 mins
Class Three: End the Chapter
22 mins
Class Four: Layers of Apology
11 mins
Class Five: Overcoming Images
21 mins
Class Six: Connecting
19 mins
Class Seven: Rebuild Trust
24 mins
Class Eight: Design Your Future
10 mins
MP3: You are Protected
7 mins
MP3: You are Not Alone
10 mins
eBook: Marriage Under Cover
1.42 MB
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We have hope for your marriage.

We want you to love your relationship, help you know that you’re connecting and illuminate any potential blind spots. Now is the perfect time to experience the kind of safety, satisfaction, and joy that every God-centered marriage is designed to express.